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We are looking for one more group (small size – around 6 people) to join us in an ex battery hen rehoming project! This will take place early Autumn dependant upon funding success, so you will have plenty of time to put it all in motion.

When we moved into the farm we quickly utilised the existing chicken coop and rehomed a dozen ex battery hens through British Hen Welfare. The time has come again to save some more hens from unnecessary slaughter and give them a chance to thrive as free range chickens, feeling the sun, the wind and the rain on their feathers and supplying us with amazing fresh eggs as a thank you for our love!!

We need a new coop, we need to create a space, and then sign up to go and collect the hens from Haslingden. They will have a special regime of feeding and care before they can be released into the wider Harwes hen community, so, we ‘re looking for one more small group to join in with every aspect of this mini project, and visit thereafter to monitor the development of the hens.

This is on a first come first served basis.

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