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So, we have been successful in securing tents, sleeping bags, roll mats, camping lamps, and smaller sized wellies from our new partners – international environmental charity http://www.everythingispossible.eu/

Sophie and I loaded my car, (back seats down posing as a surprisingly roomy mini van) from the aftermath of Leeds Festival yesterday!  Volunteers had spent the day picking over the carnage of left behind equipment and presented us with valuable resources for our developments here at the CIC!

Apropos, we have tents to pitch and test, roll mats and lamps to vet, wellies to “freshen up” and sleeping bags to wash and re-home in the boot room!! If you would like to help me over the weekend -it’s forecast sunshine and I’m feeling a “camp out” coming on!!!! Message me!

These newly acquired resources have massive implications for “Do Something Different” – residentials for beginners!  This means we can accommodate and offer packages at a fantastically low rate – making Bear Gryhlls style connecting with the natural environment accessible for everyone!! They also mean if you need em, they re are available to borrow for https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=gig%20in%20a%20barn%202017

Please do share this information with any groups you feel might love opportunity to have a camp out ……

come and join us

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