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Today I was privileged to welcome some beautiful people from Syria to the farm. The group was organised through CVS and 20 adults arrived for a short half day visit.
We had a whistle stop tour of the turbines, met the sheep and headed over to the woodland (Forest School site). One or two members of the group translated for me, but the natural environment and the animal kingdom don’t necessarily need words, they speak for themselves!!!

The sun was glorious, and we all had happy smiling faces. Several ladies climbed trees dressed in abayas which is some feat, and I was treated to some traditional Kurdish singing whilst we had a rest on the grass. I couldn’t play guitar to it, I did try, but I certainly beat out a rhythm on it like a drum!!

Wellbeing is about feeling good, and this group today certainly made me feel happy – I asked if being in and enjoying the countryside and feeding nuts to our very enthusiastic sheep had improved their sense of wellbeing – it was a resounding yes!

More visits like this please!!!!

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