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Do Something Different is all about residential camping for newcomers and beginners!

For some this means – you’ve never pitched a tent and slept under canvas, cooked in the open air, walked in woodland, climbed trees, looked after sheep, fed and cleaned out the chickens, told ghost stories in the dark in the barns, cared for hedgerow trees, planted even more trees, built wildlife hides and styles, picked fruit, or had a possy of needy farm cats following you around for the weekend!!!

What happens when your phone runs out of charge? Will you die? We don’t think so, your phone will be there soon enough, we might even find a way of charging it whilst you’re here because we don’t want to disconnect you from your friends and family, rather, DSD is a chance to get connected to nature, and that is absolutely magical!!

DSD is a chance to let your hair down and laugh, learn new skills, live as a small community and really get to know people.

We have optional off-site visits, and options to invite practitioners onto the site to deliver a variety of activities too….. Water sports on Ponden? bushcraft in the wood? archery? “Talkaoke”, Karaoke!!! Outdoor art & craft? Tai Chi? African drumming?….the list is endless. Some incur additional costs, others don’t.

Residential camping for newcomers and beginners –  there is no shame! I was an adult before I ever camped (I’m a “townie” too!!!) And I have never looked back – like Scottish comedian Billy Connelly, I get itchy feet wanting to pitch tents and camp out as soon as Spring arrives because the connection with the natural world is “in my blood”!!

And by the way, hardcore campers can take part too, we’re not being exclusive!!

So, thanks to Everything Is Possible – an international environmental charity who salvaged it for us – we have tons of camping gear, most of it used only once at Leeds Festival this year. Our beautiful volunteers Jools and Emily helped us wash and test it all out  – it’s all brightly coloured and cheerful, and it’s ready to go……….

For the responsible adults amongst us, this means that running residentials is facilitated and costs are reduced! We are passionate that we share this beautiful space for the benefit of the local community in Pendle, and we are equally passionate that lack of finance is never a barrier to that happening! Over 30+ years (yes I am that old) I have been part of camping residentials and I have seen first hand the changes brought about in people’s lives when we get away from it all and get back to nature.

DSD can be part of another journey at Harwes Farm, the culmination of an eight-week Land Based Studies course, a follow on from a day farm visit, or part of volunteering activity.

Please contact about pricing as there is a good deal of flexibility dependant upon your group’s circumstances.

As with all Harwes Farm CIC activities and projects, we are open to schools and community groups only.

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