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Harwes Farm CIC is a not for profit organisation.  As such, we rely heavily on the support of funding organisation, such as the various lottery funding streams, businesses, and individuals.  We are always hugely grateful for any money received to enable us to carry out the various projects with the numerous groups we have developed working relationships with.

As an ongoing development to this end, we are introducing easier ways for people to get involved in giving, the first of which is “Sponsor the Animals.”  The Animals at the farm form a massive part of what we do.  You can learn more about this scheme by following the link below, and if you feel able to support us in this, please follow the details through to add your support via our partners at PayPal.

The Girls

Sponsor the Animals

Click to learn more about the animals at Harwes Farm and what they mean to the people who visit the CIC.

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