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Harwes Farm CIC

About Harwes Farm CIC

Harwes Farm Community Interest Company is a newly founded not for profit organisation offering outdoor spaces for education, recreation and retreats. We want to give people chance to experience and develop projects around:

  • Sustainable Living – what it means to be green
  • Music and The Arts – what it means to be creative and expressive
  • Spirituality – what it means to be human

Anything that you can imagine would be great in the outdoors is a possibility (and probably fits under any one of these headings!!), Our vision and potential is growing every time we meet new people so please do get in touch, we are evolving and we’re right at the beginning of this journey, join us, we’re right on your doorstep! If you would like to learn more about us; meet us and plan ideas together over a brew; or you want to enquire about costs involved – It’s fundamental that Harwes Farm is accessible to everyone, this is one of our core values along with Hospitality or as we like to say: Mi Casa Es Tu Casa. Maybe you want to get involved in the work we do? We can’t urge enough, please do get in touch.

“Finding Wyviker”

Friends, Romans, countrymen, we are looking for a partner to embark upon a funded research project with us around the history of Harwes Farm. We have it on good authority that this place was once called "Wyviker" and we would like to know why! If your group is...

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#accesstonature #humanright

There is a huge body of research from Europe, commissioned by Greenpeace that makes my heart sing this morning! It's as if, these people have been reading my mind!!! Have a flick through, there's a wealth of encouraging info in here!...

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